Monday, March 5, 2012

So I am unique?

So, I've been slowly filling out and updating (Read as, torturing myself trying to get it perfect.) this new blog of mine.  I finally updated a little of my profile tonight.  So, when you click to view the full profile (Don't feel obligated to do so.), you'll see that the blogger's occupation is clickable.  So, of course I click to see where it takes me.  Apparently, it's just a link to show you how many other blogger's there are with the same occupation.  I have no idea why this would be of interest to anyone.

Maybe it'd become apparent if I clicked someone who had the occupation of "writer"?  Oh, there are only exactly 226,000 bloggers with that listed as their occupation.  Big surprise.  Of course, I want to immediately read each and every one of their blogs, because I'm feeling the kindred spirit.  Does anyone know if there is an HTML tag for sarcasm?

However, interestingly enough--at least to me, I am the only blogger in the entire world with the occupation of "Insanity Wrangler".  Really?  That makes me the expert then, right?  I think Jim's going to have to add that to the company website.

"Areas of expertise:  Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Litigation & Insanity Wrangling."

Yeah, I can see it now.  That's going to bring the clients right in.


Update (7 PM PST):  So, every time I click the writer link above, it brings up a different number.  Always round numbers, but different.  The link has resulted in the following numbers in the last 1 1/2 hours.

169,000.  226,000.  117,000.  141,000.

I only point this out so,

1. my imaginary readers don't think I'm crazy, if they get a number different from the one in the original post.
2. to use this as evidence that a writing career is obviously highly volatile and should probably be avoided.

Insanity Wrangler, on the other hand always has one.  Me.  Now that's some excellent self-appointed job security.

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