Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Politically incorrect pillows. No, no, no! Not what you're thinking.

Scene: Jim and I just arrived to our room for the night at our favorite hotel in our current undisclosed location.

Me: "I just remembered the one thing I don't like about this hotel.  The miniature pillows.  We technically have 4 pillows.  In reality, we really have 1 1/2. "

Jim: "I'm sure if you call the front desk and ask nicely, they will bring us some more pillows, so you can build your nest."

Sidebar: I have a tendency to use 4-5 regular & king size pillows to create this heavenly nest that I sleep in.  Jim complains about how crazy it is.  All four pets will back me up on how awesome it is, because they are always trying to sneak into it to take a nap.

Resume dialogue:

Me: "Okay, I'll give it a try."

Jim: "Ask for one for me too."

Me: Rolling my eyes as I pick up the phone, because I know Jim would have suffered silently with his two miniature pillows, if I wasn't here to ask.

Front Desk: "Good evening. This is Generic Front Desk woman. How can I help you?"

Me:  "Yes, I was wondering if we could have a couple more of those midget pillows like you have in all the rooms?"

Front Desk: "Oh, sure no problem. I'll notify housekeeping."

Me: "Thanks so much!"

Jim: "Did you just use the words 'midget pillows'?"

Me: "Yes, and the woman didn't react at all. Obviously, they get a lot of requests for additional midget pillows, because their pillows are so midgetized in the first place."

Jim: "I can't believe you are so politically insensitive.  The proper term is either dwarf or little person pillow."

Me: "Well, that would be correct, IF the pillows were actually for dwarfs or little people."

Jim: (Sigh) "I hate to say it, but you may be right."

In conclusion, the house keeping lady has to be a kindred spirit, because she actually brought me THREE midget pillows. I think she must have sensed my nesting needs. So, now I have five pillows to make a midget nest. Or, four if I share one with Jim. God, I love this hotel!

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