Thursday, February 23, 2012

Okay, if you read all of my first post, you deseve a little bit of brain candy now. If you didn't read it, then just know you're brain may get fat reading this one.

A short text conversation between me and my best friend the rbqg, Dr. V.  Oh, and don't ask what rbqg stands for.  It's top secret.  You should know that Dr. V is a veterinarian, although I hope it would become obvious rather quickly.

Dr. V:  Favorite quote of the day: "well she's just been humping everything.  Thought that meant she was in heat for sure!"

Me:  LOL! Did you let them know their sex life versus the dog's is not exactly analogous?

Dr. V:  I don't think she would have understood those words.  She could have said "my dog got her period."

Me:  Oh, I was leaving the translation up to you, but here you go.  "Ma'am, just because you only want to hump your husband when you're egg is rolling out of the hen house, doesn't mean your dog is the same way.  It just means she likes masturbating.  Which, incidentally, is why her paws are so furry."


So, there you have it.  I'm now qualified to translate veterinarian to dog owner.  "LMAO" is obviously every veterinarian's stamp of approval.  Please email me for my rates and terms.

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